Miles Thompson

Miles Thompson

"Speed was never my thing, I've never been the fastest guy on the field nor have I been the strongest. So what do you have without speed or strength, your left with one thing, talent. For eighteen years of my life, I have played lacrosse off of talent, I always got by depending on that. It wasn't until my second year at Albany it hit me and I realized that the only obstacle I had to overcome was diet and training, everything else was laid out for me, my brothers paved a path through their experiences. No drugs, no alcohol, and I was fortunate enough to always be surrounded by people on that same journey. So I made a decision, I would dedicate my life to living a healthier lifestyle in all aspects. I started with making healthier choices in the kitchen, then training at the gym. I dropped 53 pounds by that season and went on to have the best season of my life, followed by an even better one after that. Moving forward my goal is, I want to pass on what I didn't know and was able to learn throughout my life."  



League Accomplishments
NATIONAL LACROSSE LEAGUE 2017 Champions Cup Winner
SENIOR LACROSSE 2x Presidents Cup Champion
UNIVERSITY OF ALBANY All American Tewaaraton Award Winner
NCAA single season goals Leader
HIGH SCHOOL 2x All American
Under Armo ur All American Selection Top 5 Collegiate Recruit in The Nation
Top 5 HS recruit in the country
INTERNATIONAL FIL All World Team Selection
FIL U-19 World Field Bronze Medalist
2x FIL World Field Bronze Medalist