Major Relationships in Your Life

Major Relationships in Your Life

Posted by Jeremy Thompson on May 31st 2020

As a Haudenosaunee man, there are many traditional teachings that are given to us. Some speak to you through spirit, intuition, some come in dreams, some given to us by our elders The teaching you need to hear will come to you in some way, if you are ready to listen.

I was told a story about the importance of relationships, not to long ago, and this story really resonated with me.

This traditional teaching shows the significance of five growing relationships in your life. These relationship teachings are held in our hands. Each finger represents a special growing time in building our relationships with each other as human beings. It's fascinating to me how things come across your life path, just when you need that teaching. If you are willing to learn the lesson, it will really improve the quality of your world.

The Thumb- Creator

The thumb, the strongest finger on your hand represents the Creator. You begin your journey in the Spirit World So your first relationship is with the Creator. It is a strong relationship.

The Pointer Finger - Childhood/Parenting

The pointer finger represents your childhood where you are still very close to the Creator. They say the soft spot on a baby’s head is still a direct connection to the spirit world. This is also an important transition time where you begin to build a closer relationship to your parents. It is their duty to help 'point' you in the right direction throughout your life.

The Middle Finger - Family

The middle finger represents your extended family, parents, sisters, brothers aunties uncles or whoever you consider your family. The elders tell us it is significant when a child loses the first tooth. This phase signals the time when you start growing stronger and develop more personal relationships with family members.

The Ring Finger - Parenthood

The ring finger represents marriage and a sacred union. Here, you will learn true love, commitment, and patience.

The Pinky finger- Grandparent/Elder

The pinky finger represents becoming a grandparent or elder. The pinky finger tends to go unnoticed (much like elders in modern society) but in native culture, elders are always held in high regard. In this final and last stage, you become the elder or that person who shares their knowledge and wisdom.

Being aware of each of these stages of my life has helped me to create healthier and more satisfying relationships. Consciously building good relationships with the Creator, spirt, ancestors, family and myself, have shown me that I have learned much about the valuable lessons of protection, pity, clarity, kindness, comfort, honesty, forgiveness, and love.