Posted by Hiana Thompson on Aug 4th 2020

Quarantine has really given me the time to reflect, especially when it comes to getting my kids outside and moving.

When I was young, my days consisted of being outside for hours, having grown up without electricity made being outside a lot easier to do. There wasn’t much to offer to keep me inside, even on the rainy days.

When I think back to when I was a kid, my main memories are of being very active, lacrosse, basketball, football, climbing trees, swimming in the river, and playing by the creek.

Times have changed, phones, tablets and video games take up so much of our youths time. So I want to talk about how I’ve benefited from being outside.

Being Active:

Being outside naturally allows you to use the space you are in and be more active. More space = more movement


Sports were my main source of activity as a kid. Wether it was lacrosse, basketball or football. My siblings and I were always finding a way to compete, even if it was a race to see who could climb a tree the fastest

(I always won that one), or see who could skip a rock the furthest. These are small activities that went a long way.


I learn a lot about nature in the process of spending the majority of my time outside. From weather patterns to animal habitat to awareness of your surroundings, Experience goes a long way, and I was able to witness these things and observe and experience them first hand and learn from them.


This is one of my most important reasons why I stress getting outside. Everything inside has a way of limiting your imagination. As a child, your imagination has to be your biggest, strongest tool and still till this day I try to activate that child inside me as much a possible.

I chose this topic because I want to encourage you to take more time outdoors. So whether you're a parent or a child reading this, I want you to dedicate some time to getting outdoors - technology screens will wait and can wait.